Prof Dr.SL.Riyas

Chairman - Cheif Executive Officer


Prof (Dr) Riyas Sulaima Lebbe, the President of the George Washington University of Peace USA is an Independent Researcher, Management Consultant and Corporate Trainer. He is the Founder and the Executive Director of the Centre for Peace Studies, Sri Lanka and the Universal Management Consultancy service. Centre for Peace Studies is the only Sri Lankan organization successfully working in 19 Countries in the world with over 100 representatives. This is the remarkable achievement of him. He is a consultant and trainer for NGO management programs of the UN partner organizations.

In addition to his work, he has completed the following programs Chartered Economist (USA), Chartered Human Resource Project Manager (USA) and Master Management Consultant (USA).

Prof Dr Riyas Sulaima Lebbe assumed duty as Vice Chancellor for Yesbud University Zambia with effect from January 24, 2019. Also, was the Dean of the School of Business in Yesbud University, Zambia.

Pro Vice chancellor for the Sri Lanka Campus of the British American University (BAU), Florida, USA. He is a Professor of Human Rights and Peace Studies at BAU in the Department of Human Rights and Peace Studies. He is also being as member of the council and the Management Committee of the BAU. He is a former Member of the Council of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka appointed by the University Grand Commission of Sri Lanka.

Professor of Human Rights at the United Nations University for Global Peace, Orlando, USA and serving as a Visiting Professor and Academic Consultant of the Eurasia Doctoral Summer Academy in Sweden. Successfully completed his 38 world renowned researches in the fields of Management and Peace Studies. Also won 3 world prestigious awards as research Scientist 2019, outstanding researcher 2018 and the Global peace Promoter 2019.

He is an Adviser to the Brolly. Journal of Social Sciences, London, Co Editor to the BANKLINE Journal, and “Research Paper” Journal, Bangladesh, Deputy Editor in Chief of the International journal of Core Engineering and management published in Romania and Council Member of the Harrington Centre – UK.