Office Mission & Vision


Promote the quality of Peace education to prevent violence, to strengthen a climate of tolerance and security, and to foster the development of values of peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding as well as capacities for the non-violent resolution of conflicts.


The Centre for Peace Studies is an independent, nonviolent social change, non profit public organization. It is working with non-violently social change organizations, committed to peace and justice issue.

• To help prevent, manage, and resolve violent international conflict both within and between states
• To promote post-conflict stability and development
• To increase peacebuilding capacity, tools, and intellectual capital worldwide
• To build and shape the field of international conflict prevention and management and to professionalize its practice
• To build knowledge and create innovative tools for peacebuilding
• To bridge research and practice in preventing, managing and resolving violent conflicts
• To teach, train, inform policymakers, practitioners, students and the public about the challenges of conflict prevention, management and resolution and how to respond to those challenges

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